Mori Arts Museum

The Mori Art Center is a major cultural centre in Tokyo containing five unique subsections: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View, Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo Sky Deck and Roppongi Academy Hills. Barnbrook was commissioned to create a visual identity which could unite the diverse constituent elements. To do this, a unique spectral identity was developed, including an original typeface that is used across all printed matter and signage throughout the centre.

The Mori Logotype typeface is a squarish geometric sans serif. Its clean, elegant forms recall influences of mid-twentieth century modernism, a period characterised by a heady mix of postwar optimism, utopian zeal and dynamic technological development.

Mori Logotype has since been developed into the extensive Bourgeois family, which features condensed widths, italics and a range of alternate characters inspired by early Italian futurist experimental letterforms.