Activating Figure Styles

How do I activate figure styles?

OpenType allows two width settings: proportional or tabular. Proportional figures are variable in width and are recommended for use in running text. Tabular figures have a fixed width; they are recommended for use in tables, financial data, and similar listings. There are two heights available: lining or old style. Lining figures are full cap height that work best with all-caps setting. Oldstyle figures are designed with ascenders and descenders and have proportions compatible with lowercase characters. The default figure style is proportional lining.

In Adobe Illustrator, figure styles are accessed via the OpenType panel by selecting either Proportional Lining, Proportional Oldstyle, Tabular Lining or Tabular Oldstyle from the Figure drop-down menu:


In Adobe InDesign, figure styles are accessed via the character panel by selecting OpenType > Proportional Lining or OpenType > Proportional Oldstyle, OpenType > Tabular Lining or OpenType > Tabular Oldstyle: